How To Win Competitions


GREAT NEWS! Winning cars, cash, trips and all sorts of other exciting prizes is no longer just down to luck! There are proven steps you can take to become one of those people that just seems to win everything!


Perth Housewife Wins Over $700,000 In Competition Prizes And She Shows You How You Can Win Too!


From Joanne Bowen
“The Queen of Competitions” (As reported in Take5, 14 March 2012)
Perth, Australia


Do you sometimes wish you could afford to buy your family some of life’s BIG luxuries? Overseas holidays, the opportunity to meet and mix with famous people, VIP treatment at events and shows and real life experiences that can’t be bought … like walking the red carpet with the stars at a Hollywood movie premiere!

If so, then this could be the most important message you have read all year.

And the good news is – all that, and more, is totally possible!  You’ll soon discover how ordinary, everyday people deliberately go about winning prizes like these and so much more!

My name is Joanne Bowen and for the past 18 years I have been so successful at winning fantastic prizes that the media have named me the Competition Queen! People that know me don’t even bother to enter competitions if I am entering them!  Other people consider me to be the luckiest person they know … but it’s really not just luck!

You see, I have mastered the art of winning competitions so that trips and prizes of all sizes and value regularly come my way!  I have found the patterns that work.  There is a blueprint that I use again and again … and I have successfully taught it to other people! People just like you who thought that winning was only about luck, and that they “never win anything”.


(Rex Randall won an overseas trip on his first try after he applied what we told him)


Let me ask you …

  • Are you one of those people who don’t enter competitions because “no one wins those things anyway”?
  • Do you hear about other people who win all the time but you just can’t figure out why they win when you don’t?
  • Do you have difficulty coming up with a good idea, or the right words for an entry, that might give you a decent chance of winning?
  • Are you one of those people who enter competitions without reading the terms and conditions, believing they are just the fine print … unaware of how critical these are in determining the winning entry?
  • Do you feel like you’ll never win the big one, lose confidence and motivation and eventually stop entering competitions.
Chances are, if you’re anything like many other people I have taught my information to, you will have answered “yes” to many of the questions above!
And it’s not your fault.  You see, the trouble is, you’ve probably never been shown how to enter competitions in a way that gives you a better chance of winning than the average person.  Without the right information, the end result is often confusing at best, and sometimes downright depressing. And everyone I have taught this stuff to has faced the same frustrations as you – because they were never able to get the inside information that the regular competition winners know and use!

I am constantly asked …

  • How do you do it?
  • What is your secret?
  • Do you enter a lot of times?
  • Are you just a lucky person – you don’t do it deliberately do you?

Well, yes, I do do it deliberately … I have proven it by consistently winning great prizes!  Which are delivered to our home almost every week … sometimes even two or three in the same week!   And it’s all tax free as well!


For example, when I enter a competition for a trip, I check all our diaries first to make sure we’re going to be able to take the trip!

My winning ways have even seen me featured, several years ago, on a current affairs program Today Tonight!

And since then I have almost doubled my winnings using these very simple tactics! So Today tonight followed up again in 2012!

Even the rival TV station got in on the act to cover the story … watch how a lady we have never even met used our book to start winning prizes!


And all you have to do is apply that same knowledge and use the proven strategies that have worked for me AND other people.  Thats it! There’s nothing mysterious about it.  Just apply the same information that I, and others, have learned over years of entering competitions and the same results could be available to you.


Even children can learn it too!


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In this ebook, I answer more than 101 questions people have asked me about how I win competitions. Those questions cover all the things I do that have won me more than my fair share of prizes and unbelievable experiences. Importantly, my Q&A is based on what other people, just like you, most want to know. I will answer all your questions, So that you too can become one of the “lucky people”.  Questions like:

     What do you need to get started?

     Where do you find all the competitions?

     What are the best competitions to enter?

     Do you have to enter a lot of times?

     Will I win straight away?

     Is it an expensive hobby?

     Can you guarantee I will win prizes?

     What are the three most important words you need to know?

     How do I write  a winning 25 words or less entry?

     What are your top ten tips for winning competitions?

     OMG! I won a major prize! What do I do first?

… and over 90 more of the most important questions and answers - including why a lot of entries never make it to the judges desk! Make sure it’s not one of yours!
So what is it exactly that has made all the difference for me?

The things that I, and others who win big, do, are not complex or difficult.

In fact, they are surprisingly obvious and now, I want to pull back the curtain on what I have figured out to increase my results and show it to you!  I have set out exactly what I have done to give you the key information that could possibly change your life forever!

All my experience and knowledge is set out in my new book – Revealed: Everything You Need To Know About Winning Competitions!
For just $37 - less than the price of two tickets to the movies - you can get all the answers to your questions and all the knowledge I have gained that has allowed me to win so many prizes!  And you also get another $261 worth of fantastic,  free bonuses included in the package if you buy today!

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The Psychology of Winning, The Success Mindset of Competition Winners - A 30 page guide to the mindset of a winner that lifts them above the rest of the crowd.  This is the secret psychology of those that expect to win rather than just hoping to win.

Free Gift #2 – Valued at $35 (But over the years has been priceless to us as we have accrued almost $600,000!)

How To Write A Killer 25 Words Or Less - Secrets to making promoters sit up and take notice when they see your entry.  A 25 page guide where we reveal how we come up with the 25 Words Or Less entries that have won us a car, trips, cash and much, much more!

Free Gift #3 – Valued at $49 

The Idea Generator - The simple, one-page tool we use to come up with our competition entry ideas.  The bonus includes a 19 page guide to the tool, that is designed to expand your thinking and get inside the minds of the people judging the entries.

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Audio Interview - This 60 minute audio recording of a discussion between Simon and Joanne about what they win and Joanne’s top five tips to winning, will motivate you, give you a real sense of possibility and get you properly prepared to put all the resources to full use.

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How To Create Goals And Stay Accountable - A 15 page report on the tips, tricks and techniques to becoming a competition winning, goal achieving machine!  These principles will spill over into all areas of your life and help you make all your goals a reality!

Free Gift #6 – valued at $35

How To Regain Motivation And Overcome Overwhelm - Even the best of us lose motivation and feel overwhelmed at different times.  In this 19 page report, we give you some great ideas to get back on track when you lose motivation and overcome overwhelm so you can be in tip top shape for competition success!

Free Gift #7 – valued at $5
Shopping Tool - This just a little tool we use to keep us focused when we are shopping and make sure we never miss a competition!
Free Gift #8 – value: Priceless if it is put into action!The Luck Factor - A report on some very interesting research that we uncovered into practical, real world characteristics that lucky people display that sets them apart from the rest. You’ll be stunned at how obvious some of these lucky characteristics are!  And there are even practical things you can do right now to ‘learn how to be lucky” … how great is that!
That is $261 worth of value, but the real benefit is priceless!

It’s this information that could give you the results that others find amazing.  You will be the “luckiest” person all your friends and family will know!  But it’s “luck” that you will know is predictable and repeatable.

You might be wondering how I can make such a bold claim?

Well … because I have proven it personally and also with others whom I have taught.

I don’t enter competitions hoping that I might win … I expect to win, so I take action on a number of practical tactics that have proven to be a winning formula for me, time after time.

I know that winning is not all down to just luck because I keep winning!  What if you could win too?

What if you could win prizes can’t be valued in dollar terms – afternoon tea with celebrities, private concerts by pop stars at our daughters’ school and even a prized and authenticated silver NASA medal brought back from the space shuttle mission by Australian astronaut Andy Thomas … how amazing would it be to have your child’s name read out to the world from space!  How cool is that!


(Andy Thomas reads out our daughter’s name from space!)


But there is a key – you need to take action … and it needs to be the right action!

I mean it – if you don’t take action to go after exactly what it is that you want … you’re never going to get where you want to be.

There is a rule, “you have to be in it to win it”.  You have to take genuine action to get a result!

This is the biggest reason why most people don’t get what they want …

The truth is, without TAKING ACTION against a proven plan, you’re just relying on luck … you could end up spending a ton of time, wasting a ton of money, and experiencing a bunch of frustration.

But I am proof that people do win, and win often!  So where do you start and how do you keep going?

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I have had so much fun, so many wonderful “money can’t buy” experiences and I know that if you just apply what I teach, you can have them too!

I truly believe that there is plenty to go around.  No matter how many people I teach this information to, I still win my share and those that put it into action, also start winning as well!

Right now, as I write this letter, there are thousands of  competitions running in Australia with a combined prize value in the tens of millions of dollars (and who knows how much is on offer in the US and England) … and they’re just the ones we know about!

I hope you join me on this fun and exciting journey but I won’t wish you luck … because that is not what I rely on! Instead, I wish you all the knowledge you need for the success you deserve!



P.S. Don’t forget, I am taking all the risk. My guarantee is designed to make sure you have nothing to lose!

And remember, you’ll be able to download the ebook and all the free gifts straight away. Five minutes from now you will have all the information you will need.

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